Planning and Doing

Things have been a little quiet here in blog-world version of Lot 26—but in the real world? We’ve been busy doing and busy planning.

CF has been touring more and more, but when he is home he reads up on gardening and dreams of renovating our vegetable garden to a system of raised beds…and maybe even a makeshift hoop-house in winter so we can grow some hardy greens year round!

As for me, I’ve been diligently figuring out more items we can make ourselves instead of buying at the store–which means I’ve also been working on some strict budgeting (for example: This week, the Girl Scout cookies I ordered at work came in AND I sent a package to my sweet nephew for his 6th birthday this Friday! I spent $10 to make sure it would get there on time. So, this week, I will not be eating dinner at CF’s steady Thursday gig…instead I’ll just enjoy a drink with my jazz music, thank you very much.)

We are also working on…ready?….wait for it…MOVING (*gasp*!!!).

I know. That’s a lot of info at once. So let’s take it one category at a time: Continue reading

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The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling

Well…maybe it’s more like “the pipes are silent.”   See, the pipes are FROZEN.

(Oh, hello, by the way.  I know it’s been a while but here we are again.  Isn’t it nice?)

Here in the Midwest, the temps dropped to WAY below freezing last night, and we woke up to some very unresponsive pipes.  At least Mr. Furnace is still working just fine.

It’s strange because we’ve survived very cold temperatures here at Lot 26 before with no water issues, so I’m wondering if some heating mechanism below the trailer has stopped working…or has gotten knocked around one too many times by one of the twice weekly cat fights that occur below us.  That’s actually a real possibility–sometimes as I’m getting ready in the morning a fight will break out right below my feet and scare me half to death. Continue reading

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Missing and Missing Birthdays

Oy.  Have I ever been feeling overwhelmed lately.  It’s hard to hold onto the lesson I learned in my last post about staying in the moment.  Soaking in those little pieces of magic that come to you.  Stopping to pay attention.

As much as I’ve been super busy with work and just plain old life, sometimes feeling overwhelmed isn’t just because there is so much to do.  At least for me.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed if I’m in an emotionally difficult place–I can’t concentrate on other things as well, so even the smallest task becomes overwhelming.  And lately, my emotions, as much as I tried to ignore them, have been keeping me distracted.

My dad, a truly wonderful person, passed away 5 years ago.  I struggle this time of year, noting the anniversary of his death and waiting for my birthday to pass (which comes about two weeks after) so I can just get back to “normal.”  The year he died, Dad was supposed to be away at a conference the weekend of my birthday, and he kept asking me if it was alright that he would be gone that day.  I told him it was no big deal.  But then, he  was really gone.  And he’s missed every birthday since.

But I digress.  There is a point to this somber revelry. Continue reading

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Simply Being: Skittles and the Deer

CF and I were away for part of this past weekend, so my usual errand day got pushed to Sunday (which is my usual do things around the house day).  Needless to say, I felt a little overwhelmed–my “to do” list overflowed: buy groceries, use Target gift card for new kitchen dish drainer, stop by mom’s house, bake bread, do 3 loads of laundry, make more laundry soap, clean the kitchen, harvest tomatoes and peppers (and whatever other straggling veggies were out there), make dinner, etc etc.  Phew!  This is the kind of list that usually gets spread out over the whole weekend.  I was rushing everywhere and trying not to think about the school week starting in less than 24 hours.

Wanting to tick another item off the to-do list, I went to the veggie garden at my mother-in-law’s house.  CF was already there, working in his studio (which he built at his mother’s house years ago).  I was all worked up from running errands, but CF was relaxed and excited to introduce me to a new little friend: Skittles. Continue reading

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The “Re-lightenment” of Lot 26

One of my favorite “post work” (really, I just bring the work home with me) activities is to make a small pot of herbal tea and then pour it into a tiny sake cup.  A strange method it may seem, but I find it has many benefits:

1) A small cup cools the tea faster to a drinkable temperature.

2) I can imagine that I am a dainty person while I drink from my dainty cup.

3) Pouring several mini cups of tea has the double benefit of slowing down my drinking AND making it seem like I get to drink a lot of tea!

4) I can pretend I am a giant and these human cups are too small for me.

5) If I’m feeling rebellious, I can drink the tea like shots.  (This is for if I have a bad day at work….it’s amazing what the action of doing shots does for you, even if the drink inside the cup is not at all alcoholic).

This is not why I originally started this blog post, however.  Though, I dare say, the topic I mean to explore is related to the above tea-drinking method:  it is strange, but beneficial! Continue reading

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The Hitching

A while back, I wrote a post about simplifying my life.  Truth be told, I didn’t let you all in on just how deep that new idea was taking me.  In fact, I began simplifying all kinds of things, including our wedding plans.

Yes, CF got hitched at the end of May (5/26/12), in a simple little ceremony (which took all of 16 minutes!) in his mother’s back yard.  Simple simple simple.  But “simple” doesn’t always mean “easy”–and I have to say that while the way we planned our wedding was always in the interest of reducing stress, I found myself quite stressed out putting all that “simplicity” together. Continue reading

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The Sound of Rain and the Candle on the Table

It’s late and it’s raining.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love the sound of rain on the roof here at Lot 26?  The roof is metal, and the space between the roof and the ceiling thin, so the sound  of rain of the roof feels closer than it ever did in an apartment or in a big house.  It feels like camping.  It feels that much closer to nature.

An odd way to start a post after such a long absence, no?  So much has changed, and I’ve decided instead of trying to cover it all at once, I’ll let it come to you slowly, in bits and pieces—but I will dive right in with where I’m at today.  And today, I’m here on the couch, a candle burning on the table (a wedding gift from our friends in New Orleans…yes, I said wedding).  Today I’m fresh from making my first raw cheesecake, and weary from a long day of errands.  So today, you get a reflective and tired me. 🙂

Again, there is so much to say, to write.  And I will write it. But first, I feel a shift coming. I started this blog as a way to come to grips with my new living situation–a way to write my way to feeling “ok” with living in a trailer park.  It was an exercise in helping myself transition.  But I’ve made that transition.  This September marks 2 years here at Lot 26 (Happy Trailer Parkaverisary to us!), and after 2 years, we comfortably call this place our home.

Instead, we’re on to new transitions.  New adventures and new obstacles.  New philosophies and mantras.  And I’d like to let this blog reflect that.

I started this blog with the intent to grow.  And I have.  I am.  So it’s time the blog grew with me.

Let’s let it.

I’ll let you in on all the new happenings soon. Until then, know that CF and I are happy.  Know that on the other side of struggle and growth is peace.  And know that the sound of rain on the roof can make your home the best home it can be.

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“I’m still here!” aka “Another post about my hair…”

So, remember how I said I was going to start writing more?  Oops.  Deep in my heart, I knew you readers wouldn’t mind too terribly.  Besides, there is some pretty BIG stuff going on here at Lot 26 lately, and while I can’t yet reveal exactly what it is, I can tell you that it’s been occupying our time.

Also, it’s the end of the semester.  Today was the last day of classes (Woo!), and I only have to survive finals week and then I’m home free (“School’s out for summer!”).

Well, anyway, until things calm down and I’m able to write about the big exciting stuff that is happening, I thought I’d give one more update about my hair care routine for anyone who wanted to know if I am still sticking to baking soda to do my ‘do. Continue reading

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Small Change = Big Difference

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, there have been many small changes to our kitchen.  These changes, while unnoticeable to the untrained eye, have made a difference in the way we live and experience our time here at Lot 26.  And they also help us save some cash and time–and they’ve made another small dent in the harm we do to Mother Earth.  (Good thing moms tend to be forgiving, right?)

I thought it would be easiest to break this down, change by change, item by item–well, and I like showing off our cool “new” stuff 🙂 Continue reading

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Trying to Keep Simplifying

Hello all!  Well, I fell completely out of the blogosphere for a while there, huh?  And have I planned a triumphant return?  Not exactly 🙂

Today, I just wanted to offer a bit of an explanation for my absence.  As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’ve been working on living simply.  Though living simply has pretty much been an obvious goal of mine since day one of moving in to Lot 26, it’s not something that you can just declare and then not think about it.  Like most things worthwhile in life, living simply is a conscious everyday effort.  And it continues to be one for me. Continue reading

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