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On Belonging

Hi everyone!  I’m back!  Er…well, actually, I should say “I’m here!”  We’ve finally finished moving in, though we’ve not yet finished unpacking.  But we’re here.  I’m here.  And it’s time to dig deep for some reflections on this new experience. … Continue reading

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Moving Weekend: Sweating It Out and Talking It Out

I thought I would pause in the midst of packing to give you all a little update.  (Actually, I just really really really hate moving, so I’ll take any excuse to not think about it…like “Oh my public NEEDS to … Continue reading

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Getting Closer to Moving Day!

Well folks, I’ve been so busy lately with working on the mobile home and with working on my classes that I’ve hardly had time to think, let alone write and reflect. However, I do have time to let you all … Continue reading

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Feeling Down, Down, Down

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted, and to be honest it’s because I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions and just generally feeling like a jerk-wad. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still excited about my … Continue reading

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A Silver Lining (or Green! Or Blue!)

I thought that after a post that covered such weighty issues as stigmas and discrimination, we all deserved a little break. (But just a little one, because I asked a lot of questions that I would really like to explore … Continue reading

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Taking a Step Back: Reflections and Ruminations

I’m worried, dear readers.  I’m worried about the issue of tone.  I teach composition at a lovely community college, and I constantly talk with my students about using the proper voice and tone for the content of and audiences for … Continue reading

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The Trailer Park Sale: a post-script

Yesterday, due to the lateness of hour in which I was writing, I seemed to have forgotten another moment in my journey through the stigma of living in a trailer park. You see, after the sale on Saturday, I decided … Continue reading

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