Rub-a-dub-dub, a crack in the tub!

Today CF, his mother, and I spent some time cleaning up at Lot 26 and preparing for the sale we’ll have tomorrow morning.  The hope is to sell most of the furniture, appliances and other junk lovely, unique items that were left in the mobile home to help us pay for the paint and other supplies we’ll need to make the place look like it’s ours.  CF also spent hours cleaning off the front porch (which his stepdad had covered in plastic…like, nailed sheets of plastic into the frame) and making it feel like a screened in porch again.

I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen, scrubbing.  I mean, S C R U B B I N G.  And I think it paid off, don’t you? bright and clean!

More clean surfaces!

Look at those countertops shine!

However, the day wasn’t all bright and shiny successes.  

In the evening, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, and noticed (for the first time, somehow!) that the sink had been painted white. AND that the white paint was now flaking and chipping into the drain (as I would assume that paint that is in constant contact with water would do).  Then, I turned around and noticed the shower, too, was also painted–well half of it.

And just as I went outside to the porch to inform CF of our new problem, we were also visited by neighbor and pre-previous owner of our mobile home, Sue, who said “Painted?  That’s the least of your worries.  There’s a crack in that tub and it leaks.  You’ll need to replace that.”   Um, can I get back that check I wrote?

Here’s the culprit:

Who knew something so small could be so devious?

Granted, that’s a pretty nasty drain and tub–and I was planning on getting the whole thing refinished at some point–but refinishing to me meant getting one of those companies that just fits a shiny new lining over the old one.  But a crack?  A crack that leaks?  And possibly already ruined the sub-floor below?  That can’t be fixed by refinishing.

So what did I do?  I sank into a full freak-out spiral of negativity.  What can I say?  My blood sugar was low (I think I had a bowl of cereal, a bottle of water, and a tomato sandwich by this time of the day…but it was 5:30pm, so that’s not much).  I was tired from scrubbing and cleaning and sorting. And I didn’t want to think about spending more money.  So I got quiet.  And CF new I was pretty ticked.

CF then called his biological dad, explained the situation and the fact that I was “freaking out and tripping pretty hard” (I overhear everything CF!!! Don’t you know that yet!!! 🙂 ).  Of course his dad, Mr. Handyman himself, had an affordable solution in mind immediately and promised that he would help us take care of it by the end of the month.  Time is of essence, of course.  Especially since I’ve already promised to put up some friends up for a weekend (a friend’s wedding weekend no less) in October, and I’m sure they’ll expect a shower.

I’m trying to tell myself this is all a good thing, since the tub was so nasty anyway.  Plus, this will give me a little more time to decide the color scheme in the bathroom.  Speaking of which, the way I decided to cheer myself up, after the drama of the bathtub crack, was to grab some Jimmy John’s sandwiches and drag CF to Lowe’s to look at paint colors.  We came home with samples, which I can’t wait to try out in the bedrooms and kitchen.  Brown, be gone!

And tomorrow–tomorrow is the big sale, so I’d better sign off to rest up.  I’ll surely be meeting more neighbors and gathering more stories to share with you here.  But until then, dear readers, may all your homes be happy and may all your tubs be crack-free 🙂


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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