The Trailer Park Sale: a post-script

Yesterday, due to the lateness of hour in which I was writing, I seemed to have forgotten another moment in my journey through the stigma of living in a trailer park.

You see, after the sale on Saturday, I decided to post a few of the nicer items on Craigslist, in hopes of making just a few more bucks.  One of these items was a dresser, and on Monday I received an email inquiring about it.

The woman who was interested decided that she wanted to see it, so I agreed to meet her and show it to her.  But that meant I had to either: a) give her directions to the trailer park, or b) give her an address and let her figure out.

If I went with plan a, I would have to swallow my sudden (recurring) and surprising pride and tell this woman she was headed to a trailer park.  If I went with plan b, she would notice she was entering a trailer park and 1) think to herself “this can’t be right” and turn the car around and go home, or 2) think to herself “oh, this dresser is in a mobile home?  I don’t want it” and turn around and go home.  Neither of these options were ideal, because that would mean she wouldn’t even see the dresser and there would be no chance of selling it.

So, plan A it was:  I told her the dresser was in a trailer park and gave her good directions to find Lot 26.  When I hopped in my car to meet her there, she called again.  I assumed that she had second thoughts (due to the location) and was going to tell me she wouldn’t be coming.

Instead (!), she only wanted to ask if the previous owner of the dresser and of the mobile home was a smoker.  I had worried for nothing.

I met her there, along with her husband, and their adorable son.  They needed a new dresser because they had another baby on the way and needed more storage.  Unfortunately, the dresser was too big for the closet it needed to go in.  So, no sale.

But, I did get to try to read these people’s reactions to the mobile home.  But I failed–I was worried I would see judgement, but I’m not sure I did.  In fact, I was so conscious of the possibility of judgement, that I may have read it when there wasn’t any.  Either way, they didn’t have any obvious “Ew!” reactions.

And so, for the second time within the same hour, I worried for nothing.  Oh, Lot 26!  I have so much to learn from you!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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