A Silver Lining (or Green! Or Blue!)

I thought that after a post that covered such weighty issues as stigmas and discrimination, we all deserved a little break. (But just a little one, because I asked a lot of questions that I would really like to explore further.)

What better way to take a break than to look at pretty colors!!!!!!!!!!

Today, my dear sweet, wonderful, kind, and GENEROUS friend and colleague came to help me paint the mobile home. Together, we said “Brown, Be Gone!” and here are some results 🙂

Yay! Brighter colors!

What do you think? I like it because it reminds me of mint ice cream 🙂

This is the bedroom. That green is called "Leafy Rise"

This is the office/guest room in "Bliss."

And after a day of hard work (moving furniture around, painting, squealing with delight at the colors, painting some more, moving the refrigerator, painting some more), I began to feel more and more like this mobile home was MY home. And I felt more and more at home in the trailer park. I began to see some hope for myself, hope my perceptions of others, and hope for a new exciting step in my relationship with CF.

As I packed up to leave Lot 26 this evening, I loaded up my car to the sound of children laughing. I took my time locking up so I could watch these two adorable kids, running around their yard with their parents in front of their double-wide mobile home. The sun was setting through the trees. The breeze was cool and calming. And I smiled.

What a great place to be. What a lovely sight to see. I am so grateful for what I have, and I so look forward to what is in store for me and CF in our new home.


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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