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Meet Water Heater, Our New Frenemy

Oh, readers–dear, dear readers…have you ever had water heater problems?  If you have, you know what a serious pain in the butt they can be… Let me tell you a little story about the water heater at Lot 26.  We’ll … Continue reading

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On Visiting and Boundaries

Hello!  Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  While you’ve been anxiously awaiting more news from the wonderful Lot 26, I’ve been hosting our first overnight guests (who got to use a working shower!) and dutifully playing my … Continue reading

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Bathrooms and Birthdays

Well, tonight’s update will be brief, but will have plenty of pictures! After getting my last post out of my system, I felt I had a much clearer head.  However, someone very wise (Jenn S.) once (just a few days … Continue reading

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The Bathroom: An Update and a Rant

I don’t know if any of you remember, or have been curious about, our bathroom situation.  Specifically, the shower, or lack thereof.  Well, I’ve tried not to write about it too much because, to be honest, I’ve been very annoyed … Continue reading

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