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“Trailer Trash,” the Cartoon Version

Hi folks!  This has been a pretty crazy week, so I’ll leave you with a question instead rambling on today: Have you all seen this cartoon on Hulu called “Trailer Trash“?  I haven’t watched any episode yet, but I’m thinking … Continue reading

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More on Being “Trashy”: the Urban Dictionary Version

Hello, dear readers!  Last week, I told you a rather embarrassing story about our inability to put the trash out–which then led to some questions about what it means to be “trashy”–and perhaps why one might associate being “trashy” with … Continue reading

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We’re the Trashy Trailer

Hi all!  Sorry for the long hiatus.  I was on Spring Break last week, and while I meant to post a fun video or something to keep you all entertained, I got too caught up in grading papers and squeezing … Continue reading

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Saving Money: Growing Food

Hello, dear readers. I have to tell you, this week I am just e x h a u s t e d. I have no energy for deep reflection or social commentary, or like, whatever (see? even simple intelligent words … Continue reading

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