We’re the Trashy Trailer

Hi all!  Sorry for the long hiatus.  I was on Spring Break last week, and while I meant to post a fun video or something to keep you all entertained, I got too caught up in grading papers and squeezing in as many visits with friends as possible.  So, no post 😦

BUT, this week I’m back!  And ready to make fun of myself 🙂

You’re probably curious about the title of tonight’s post.  After all, haven’t I been writing for a while about how I don’t “fit in” here at the trailer court?  And isn’t being “trashy” a stereotypical trailer court thing? Let’s let Toby Keith tell us about it.

(Can you guess which video I meant to post last week so that you all could think about it? If you guessed Toby Keith’s “Trailerhood” you are correct!)

Oh man. So many stereotypes in that video and so little time to write about it! So, for now, I’ll just get back to the subject at hand: how our trailer is the “trashy” one.

CF and I apparently really stink at taking out the trash (no pun intended).  We’ve forgotten to do it for about a full month now (I know, I know…awful right?).  First, the problem was that we were never sure which day was trash day, because it seemed to be a different day for us than for CF’s mom (who lives a mile down the road).  Could we have simply looked to see when our neighbors put their trash out? Yes, but that would be to simple 🙂

Then, once we’d figured out what day of the week was trash day, it became a case of major forgetfulness.  I would forget until I was rushing out the door for work, and CF (who has a pretty late gig the night before trash day), usually sleeps until just after the garbage trucks (somehow!) make their was through out little trailer court streets.

So yes, as a result of all this ignorance, forgetfulness, and sleepiness, the trash hasn’t been picked up for about a month.  Granted, CF and I don’t really create tons of garbage.  We don’t buy much in a week’s time, except for groceries–and I bring my own canvas bags to the stores.  We also compost our food waste and recycle our glass and aluminum.  But there is still stuff that ends up in the garbage, and that garbage has to go somewhere.  Where?

*Gulp* The porch.  Yes, we are THAT trailer.  We didn’t want the garbage stinkin’ up the trailer, and we’ve got a screened in porch so….a couple of bags of garbage (the ones that wouldn’t fit in the very full garbage can) ended up hanging out on the porch.  Along with our recyclables…the bins of which have also been overly full until this past weekend when I finally took them to the center.  Trashy? Well, quite literally, YES.

HOWEVER, tonight CF, that glorious and wonderful man, remembered that tomorrow is trash day and he put the trash out BEFORE he left for his gig….before I even got home tonight actually.  Isn’t he great?  I think so 🙂  So, we will be the “Trashy Trailer” no more!!  Or, at least until next week.

This whole thing has gotten me thinking a lot more about waste though.  And more about trash, the word “trashy,” consumption, and, yes, class.  I hope I’ll have more to say on this next week after I mull over it a bit more.  Until then, I’ll leave with another video (and short article, this time of a “zero-waste” family.

Until next time, may all your trash be picked up, and may all your homes be happy!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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