A Series of Failures: an Apology and Explanation

Hello all!  It’s been several weeks since my last post, and for that I am sorry…especially since I gave myself an assignment in my last post, and didn’t really follow through.

Here’s what happened actually:  I began watching an episode of the “Trailer Trash” series on hulu. I got two minutes in and realized that I just couldn’t stomach it.  Seriously.  I won’t say that it was “offensive” or “demeaning,” but I will say that it was disgusting.  At least I thought so.  And I understand that we all have different opinions of what is funny and what is not, but I just didn’t like it.  And I can honestly say that I would have the same reaction even if I weren’t living in a trailer park.

All of the cartoon characters’ bodies were gross (and I mean gross as in “ew”) misrepresentations of real bodies, which I know is done purposefully, but it weirded me out.  The show opened with several characters sitting around outside their trailer on an old ratty couch watching television.  Then, within the first few minutes, one character goes the local jail to visit his girlfriend (whose been arrested again, as we’re told), gets there and starts humping the glass that separates him from his lady love, she humps in kind, and this goes on until the glass breaks and she flattens him (Wiley Coyote style) with her oversized butt.

Did you count all the stereotypes already covered in the first three minutes of the show? People in tralier parks:

1) keep indoor furniture outside on the grass

2) watch TV outside

3) are more likely to go to jail multiple times

4) are sex crazed (but not sexy)

Look, I know that much of our sense of humor and the strategies of comedy rely on exploiting stereotypes…I just think this was done really poorly.  And in really bad taste.  In my opinion, good comedy builds slowly and takes an satiric look at those stereotypes–it doesn’t blatantly blast through them, grossly exaggerated, in mere seconds.  That seems more like mocking to me.

But perhaps you should take my review with a grain of salt, seeing that I was only able to watch about 3 minutes of the episode. After all, the show is called “Trailer Trash”–perhaps they meant only to be portraying the trashiest of trailer park dwellers?

Anyway, I won’t be watching more of that show.  I have, however, read really great things about the TV show Trailer Park Boys And I do still intend to watch that show and report back.  So perhaps my little assignment to myself won’t be a complete and utter failure.

Speaking of failures–I bet you’re wondering about the title of today’s post.  Where does the “series” come in?  Well, the fact that I was grossed out by my assignment to myself wasn’t the only reason for my delay in updating this blog.  Also keeping me away is the slow destruction of our home’s formally “necessary” niceties.  What do I mean?

Well, as you long time readers may know, one of my and CF’s original reasons for moving in to our dear Lot 26 was to save money.  And one reason why we so suddenly felt the urge to save money was because we had (and have!) an amazing opportunity to travel to London this May.  Due to our travel plans, and thus our need to save, money is tight.  So, as little things around our mobile home stopped working, we let them, deciding that it would be best for our pocketbooks (and our trip) to wait and fix things until we returned.

You may already know about some of the appliances that have “died” (or that we accidentally may have “killed”) from previous posts: Water Heater (which we did fix), Refrigerator (which still leaks despite our best efforts), and Dryer (RIP).  However, in the past month or so, we’ve also begun to see problems with Toilet, Furnace, and several little fellows I like to call ANTS!.  (And we still haven’t completely finished remodeling the bathroom…).

So I’ve decided that as a fun way to keep you all occupied while we take our trip (YAY!), I would post a little series paying homage to each of these little failures, so that perhaps you can forgive my long absence.  Up first, we’ll tangle with Toilet (well, not literally because that would be pretty gross…). And, as an added bonus, along the way I’ll discuss which “necessities” we really “need” to survive…and how all of these failures seem like sacrifices only because of my place of privelege.

Until then, may all your TV viewing be pleasurable, may all your appliances stay alive, and may all your homes be happy!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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