A Series of Failures: Furnace

Hello, dear readers! Today’s post is a continuation of our Series of Failures. By now, I am already off traveling, so I hope that in my absence these posts about our household failures will entertain you ūüôā Today, I’d like to reintroduce you to Furnace.

Remember Furnace? CF and I considered Furnace our BFF during those cold winter months, and especially during the epic Blizzard we had back in February.¬† All winter long, Furnace kept our little mobile home at a comfortable 66 degrees.¬† The “media center” was always cozy, and the bathroom always warm.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, Furnace got tired.¬† Spring here in Illinois this year is coming in sort of slowly, so things still get pretty chilly at night.¬† I think maybe Furnace was hoping that the cooler temps wouldn’t last much longer because Furnace just sort of gave up.¬† I went to bed one night, and when CF came in much later (as musicians with late bar gigs tend to do), I got up to use the bathroom and noticed that it was not as warm as usual.¬† And, as I gingerly sat down on Toilet (who was also already not working…see previous post!), I realized that both the toilet seat AND the bathroom were downright COLD.

Now I was AWAKE.¬† And cold.¬† So I headed off to the thermostat to see if it somehow got set much lower than usual.¬† Here’s what I found: the temp was set at 70 (CF must have felt chilly and kicked it up) but the actual temp in the house was only 42.¬† WTF Furnace?!?!

As I hurried back to bed, which I knew would be cozy and warm, I went past Furnace and finally noticed that it was trying.¬† Furance was making a quiet, high pitched, whining noise.¬† This noise is the noise Furnace makes when it’s about to kick into gear and warm up the place…but this time, all we got was the noise.¬† Furance just didn’t have the energy (or the power, or the will?) to turn on.

Because I figured it could be potentially dangerous to let Furnace continue to try like that (I was worried about a fire or something), I scurriend (remember it was COLD) back to the thermostat to shut it off.  Then I all but ran back to bed, snuggled in, and decided to worry about diagnosing Furnace in the morning.

While I was at work the next day CF called biodad to see if he could come and figure out what was wrong with Furnace.¬† Biodad discovered that it was not the pilot light.¬† The pilot light was lit, but for some reason, Furnace was still not turning on.¬† But that was about all biodad could tell us.¬† Then CF called the Furnace Guy, but the Furnace Guy is out of town 0n his own vacation for a while…so…

We’ve been without Furance’s services ever since.¬† We decided that we’re so close to not needing to heat up our home as warmer temps are just around the corner, that perhaps we could just wait it out.¬† Also, we figured that we didn’t want to spend the money we’ve been so diligently saving for our trip to fix Furnace when we could probably bear to go without it.

It’s been a little cold.¬† But not unbearable…after all, we’re almost into the middle of Spring here, not Winter.¬† And luckily, we found Furnace’s litte cousin Space Heater, so at least the bathroom can get warm¬†in the morning (in fact,¬†CF has even gotten up to turn it on¬†so I can be warm when I get up in the morning…what a sweetie!).¬† And I’ve been¬†cooking/baking more¬†food that involves the oven, which also helps warm the place up.

But I’ve also been thinking about temperature control and necessity.¬† Is it one? Certainly keeping warm and avoiding frostbite in the winter is a necessity…and staying cool enough to avoid heat exhaustion in the summer is also.¬† But the kind of temperature control that most American homes enjoy (furnace and A/C)¬†is really more of a convenience, is it not?¬†¬†Or, those things are only necessities¬†if you come from a place of privelege?¬† There are plenty of people in the world who survive without these¬†modern, and wonderfully easy to use,¬†temperature¬†controls.¬† Even people in our own country make do without an A/C in the¬†summer and a furnace in the winter.¬†

When¬†Furnace broke down on us, and in one of my more tantrumy-I’m-so-cold moments, I said to CF that I felt like we were making so many sacrifices,¬†the¬†Dryer, Toilet, and¬†Furnace,¬†in order to go on our trip to London.¬† Then I stopped for a moment and¬†actually heard what I’d said.¬†¬†Geez, what a priveleged little snot I was being!¬† “Oh, poor me, I have to go without a few conveniences so I can go on my fancy trip to London!”¬† With an attitude like, I’d hardly deserve to go on any trip.

I should be grateful that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a place to sleep (with blankets AND pillows!), and enough disposable income to save for a fancy trip abroad.  And I am grateful.  So very grateful.

And I’m grateful for readers like you and the space to express myself!¬† Tune back in next week for more in our Series of Failures: the dreaded ANTS!

Until then, may all your homes be happy and warm!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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One Response to A Series of Failures: Furnace

  1. Tanya says:

    I hope you enjoy your trip to London. Wyatt & I got the chance to scoot around over there for 2 days last year on our layover from Africa… which is my reason for response. I loved reading this and am enjoying your revelations. I too realized what a spoiled brat I am, after 2 weeks in Africa. I had a basic outhouse and a cold water spigot/showerhead for bathing. While it was in the 30’s at night, I wasn’t hungry and I had a roof, albiet no windows, over my head AND I still had more than so many others I was serving there. It was a hard trip back to my gas guzzling car, full refrigerator and hot water shower.

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