A Series of Failures: Air Conditioner

Hello, all!  We’re BACK from our vacation (highlights forthcoming), and now that we’re back we need to start dealing with the many little failures that we left behind.  And one, which you’ve yet to hear about, shoots straight to the top of the To-Do list now that we are approaching summer temperatures:  Air Conditioner.

So, before we first moved in, I was told that there was no Air Conditioner, but that we could easily install a window box version.  But when we actually did move in, I saw this outside the trailer:

Truly, a thing of beauty.

Air Conditioner! CF figured there was no Air Conditioner in the trailer because RF (his stepdad and previous owner of the trailer) never used it.  Every time CF and his mom came up to Lot 26 to check in on RF, it was unbearably warm in there.  And who in their right mind would refuse to use an Air Conditioner in the middle of a mid-Western summer?  Perhaps the same person who put a timer on Water Heater to, apparently, save some money…

So, although we seem to have an Air Conditioner, we don’t know if it works.  (I assume not.  Otherwise…wouldn’t it have been used?)  CF seems to think that if it doesn’t work, it might be a simple wiring issue (because RF, former electrician, had a track record of messing up wiring as he got older and less able).

So, that’s the first thing to tackle now that we’re back (especially since we’re supposed to have an overnight guest in a few days!).  After that’s done (we might fix Furnace at the same time…makes sense), we’ll try to finish remodeling the bathroom, and make our way down the To-Do List, upon which I see Dryer as dead (pun intended!) last.  We’re doing fine air-drying our clothes.  No rush there. Better for our clothes AND our pocketbooks.

But Air Conditioner, I will gladly spend money on you.

And why is that?  When I wrote about how Furnace stopped working, I also talked about these conveniences only seeming like a necessity because of my background of privilege.  Could we survive without Air Conditioner?  Sure!  Of course!  It might be a stinky existence, but we could do it.  Would we be much happier with Air Conditioner?  Of course!  Air Conditioner makes a hard, hot day of working in our garden seem less daunting.  And for that I am really appreciative.

So, hopefully I’ll soon be able to tell you that I am typing from a room that is nice and cool thanks to a working Air Conditioner.  In the meantime, wish us luck, wait for our vacation highlights, and stay cool yourselves!

Until next time, may all your temperature control devices work, and may all your homes be happy!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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