Settling in for the Summer

Hello!  I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but my excuse is pretty good:  I was visiting several friends 🙂  Who can deny me that?

After CF and I returned from our big trip, we came home to lots of projects that we’d put on hold.  And I decide to avoid them just a bit longer by visiting lots of friends!  First I traveled to see some grad school friends, then I came closer to home to hang with my old college roommates, then a quick visit with a friend from work, then I headed further south to see another former roommate who was having an open house for her new home and now…

Now I’m back and getting down to business!  Well, we’re getting down to business.  CF has already done some work on the trailer.  He got the A/C and furnace guy to come over and we finally have air conditioning!  CF had it running for me when I got back from my visit with grad school friends.  Then, he called an appliance service to come and take away the TWO dead dryers hanging out on our porch (the second one was a gift from a friend, but when we turned it on, it smoked!).  And then, CF plugged a hole in the bathroom wall leftover from the shower installation.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reorganizing and dreaming up ways to make our dear Lot 26 look a little nicer.  If you’ll recall, when we first moved in, we discovered that a previous owner had painted the sink (yup, you read that right) to make it look nicer–but of course, by the time we moved in, the paint had started to chip (as paint will do when water runs over it), and the sink looked terrible.  We’ve been living with that sink since then, because we didn’t yet want to spend the money to replace everything.

See, CF found a new sink and countertop (all connected) that someone down the street was throwing away.  Unfortunately, the counter is bigger than the sink cabinet that currently lives in our bathroom.  So, we decided we’d eventually buy a new cabinet.

Readers, do you know how much a new sink cabinet costs?  They’re outrageous! For the size we’d need, we’d spend at least $350.  For the cheap ones!  I did NOT want to spend that much money.  After feeling defeated, I realized that perhaps we could keep our cabinet and our counter, and just buy a new drop-in sink (and save the other larger sink we found to use in the home that we might build for ourselves someday).  After looking at drop-in sink prices, I knew I’d found our solution.  $29, folks.  That’s quite a bit cheaper, yes?  So, the sink is a project for this weekend!

So, A/C?  Fixed.  Dryers?  Hauled away.  Sink?  Solution found.  Ants?  Oh….the ANTS!

Dear, dear readers.  I must say, I’m feeling a bit guilty about the ANTS!.  When we got back from Europe, the ANTS! were still here. And I was still annoyed with their presence.  And it seemed, if it’s possible, that they were getting bigger and bigger, and sending their troops into new territory in our trailer.  And so, *sigh*, I bought… poison.

I don’t feel good about it, but it is what it is.  I put out the baits yesterday night, and though I’ve seen fewer ANTS!, I think it’s probably also due to the cooler and wetter weather we’ve had (they seem to go away when it’s cold). So, we’ll see.

The only other big things still left to work on are finding a working dryer (I’ve been scouring craigslist, but most listed are gas dryers), finally figuring out why Toilet runs, and finally tiling the floor around the shower.

I’ve also been working on some smaller improvements.  I bought a set of fancy looking canisters at the local Goodwill (for $9!) to spruce up the kitchen, and I bought four citronella plants (also $9! total) for the porch, where I’d eventually like to be able to hang out.  And, I’ve been cleaning.  (Not my favorite thing to do.)

See, now that our big summer trip is done, I’ve got my eyes set on the fall, and I really want to throw myself a birthday party here in the trailer park.  More specifically, I want to have a sushi party!  And a lot of the improvements we’re making are mostly because I want to have a nice looking place for guests 🙂  Ok, ok…and for me.

So, let’s sum up with pictures:

We still don't have a working dryer...

But we bought some nice canisters from Goodwill !

And these lovely flowers popped up outside...

Here's a closer look!

We also got these citronella plants for the porch (a natural bug repellant!)

And we're practicing our sushi rolling in preparation for a fall birthday party!

I decided not to take any pictures of our nasty sink–because hopefully I’ll have pictures of our pretty new one next week!

Until then, may all your summers be lovely, and may all your homes be happy!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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