Meet our Newest Friend: New Sink!

Hi all!

Well, my weekend goal happened successfully!  And with very little effort on my part 🙂  CF installed our New Sink!  All I had to do was find it, buy it ($30, folks, at Menards!), and change out some buckets that were catching leaking water while CF worked to install it.  Oh, and I also had to live with this bad boy for the past 8 months:

See the paint chipping off?

Lovely, right?  Yeah, I know I could have cleaned the faucet and the red mineral stain around the drain, but, dear readers, when the sink has been painted and that paint is chipping off and will surely chip off more when you try to scrub it clean, I ask you, what is the point?  And, since I wasn’t going to clean the sink, I didn’t bother cleaning the rest of the bathroom very often.

But all of that changed, because a.) I found a cheap replacement sink, and b.) a colleague was coming over for a visit and I wanted a clean home for her!

So, CF dutifully took on the task once all the necessary parts were purchased.   The sink installation was relatively easy, apparently, because it’s just a drop in.  It was the faucet that was the tricky part.

Here is CF deciphering the heiroglyphics that are supposed to be faucet installation directions.

But CF is pretty smart, so he eventually got the job done.  And doesn’t New Sink look awfully pretty?

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

The whole bathroom feels better thanks to New Sink (well, and thanks to the thorough cleaning I gave it after New Sink was installed).

This only leaves a couple more things on our list of to-dos for Lot 26 renovations, or rather, the things I’d hoped to finish by the end of the summer.  1) We should really (FINALLY) put in the tiles that we bought for the floor around the shower. 2) We should replace the back door to the trailer (which was sort of on the back burner until Property Manager popped  by one day and saw it.  Eek!  More on that later…).  3) And, we’re still looking to replace Dryer.  I’ve been scouring craigslist and found some possibilities, but it’s the not the most important thing on our list AND we’re a bit short on money at the moment. (Could our trip to Europe have anything to do with that? Hmmm…..)

So, we’re hoping these improvements won’t cost too much money–and we’re especially looking to acquire some used/pre-owned items for them.  Not only is getting used items economical, it’s also helping keep stuff out of the landfills, which is pretty important to us.

I hope to have more renovation updates for you soon AND a discussion on getting free/used/trashed items and why it shouldn’t be a shameful thing.

Until then, may all your home projects go smoothly, and may all your homes be happy!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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