Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Seen

Wow!  I didn’t mean to be gone so long!  Funny how life gets in the way of blogging 🙂

Last I wrote, I promised a discussion on getting/purchasing used/pre-owned/trashed items…but c’mon, folks.  You know me better than that.  How many times have I said “next time, I’ll be sure to fill you in on_______” and then completely disregarded it?  You didn’t actually think I’d follow through this time, did you?  Because I’m not 🙂

I do hope to write a post on that soon, but instead, I thought I’d tell you a bit about where I’ve been, what I’ve/we’ve been up to, and what I’ve seen.  Because it’s interesting.  (I hope.)

A couple of weekends ago, CF and I traveled to a recording studio in southern Illinois.  It was hot hot hot, but beautiful.  The studio is in the middle of a heavily wooded area, and it’s built over a creek.  So, while CF was busy in the recording studio with his drums, I was busy having my own personal Walden experience.  Lots of staring at nature.  Lots of writing.

It wasn’t all transcendental musings and observations, though.  We also ventured out to see the surrounding areas.  And do you know what I saw a lot of?  Mobile homes!  RVs!  Trailers!

Dear readers, have you ever had that experience where you learn about something new, and then you start to see it everywhere?  You never noticed it before, but now it’s all you can see?  Just a couple of weeks ago, I showed y’all a picture of the flowers blooming outside of our home, and I learned that they are yucca flowers.  But once they’d bloomed here at home I started seeing them everywhere!  I saw them in everyone’s yards, even CF’s mother’s yard…and I’d NEVER noticed them before…suddenly they were all I could see.

The same is happening to me with mobile homes, trailers, and trailer parks.  Now that I am familiar with them, they are all I can see.  I guess it’s not exactly the same as my experience with the flowers because I have indeed seen mobile homes before.  But I wasn’t familiar  with them.  I’d see them, but I wouldn’t think about them.  Or I might think “those people must not have much money.”

But now, as I traveled down to southern IL, I saw them and thought “hey!  I live in one of those!” or “I wonder how they decorated their kitchen?” or “I wonder if they have an ant problem too?” or “Wow, I like that window canopy!”  Mobile homes are familiar to me now.  I recognize them.  They give me a newfound sense of belonging.

And I didn’t just see them in southern IL.  I also drove out to rural New York with my mom for a family wedding and saw many a mobile home on our trip.  I saw nice little mobile homes with fenced in backyards.  I saw mobile homes on huge plots of land, where obviously the owner had bigger things to worry about (like working the land) then getting a bigger/better home or house.  Every time I saw one, I perked up.  I paid attention.  And I started to wonder about the history of mobile homes in this country.

It makes me sad that something so simple and fairly ubiquitous has gotten such a bad wrap.

I was also sad when CF and I drove past a mobile home that had suffered a serious fire.  The front windows were burnt out and everything was hollow and black.  It was sad.  And freaky.  And it made me want to come right home and get a new, working back door for our home.  (Which we still haven’t done….)

But we’re home now.  And it feels nice!  And hopefully, cross your fingers, there won’t be anymore major lapses in blog posts!  I still owe you a post on used items, AND a long overdue post on DIY shampoo (in which I will reveal the shocking secret of how I’ve been cleaning my hair…..)

Until then, may all your homes be happy and familiar in the most wonderful way!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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