Ch ch ch changes!

Wow.  Ok, so I’m really bad about updating you all this semester.  That’s obvious.  In my defense, there have been a lot of changes around here and busy-ness at work, and otherwise crazy-ness of our lives that sort of gets in the way of blogging.  But, excuses, excuses, right?

So, while I have some great posts I’m cooking up for you (my favorite chemical compound, a two part birthday extravaganza), I thought I’d start off by sharing what life looks like around here lately!   There are a quite a few new things around here: new door, a re-arranged living room corner, new bathroom feature, improved front porch, a couple new things to harvest, and some lovely changing foliage.   Let’s see that in photos!

First up, the new back door installation!

Here's the view with no door 🙂

After CF ripped up the floor part too

From the Outside (Look at that classy old door 🙂 )

And the new door!

Looking through the empty hole where the dead bolt lock will go...

Almost done! Lock installed, insulation finished...just need the trim!

And that’s where we’ve left the door for now.  It’s all sealed up–we just need to put the trim back on.  Finishing touches!

Ok, other changes.  We’ve rearranges a corner of our living room to make the counter to the kitchen more accessible/usable.

The tv used to dominate that corner. Now we have better access to our new Toaster Oven!

We also added something simple to bathroom so we aren’t constantly dropping things down New Sink:

A repurposed basket to keep our sink stuff contained 🙂

AND we’ve got new stuff going on with the porch!

When we first moved in, this is what the porch looked like.

Now it looks like this, thanks to CF's mom!

We’ve eaten breakfast on the porch several times already!  We’re trying to get in some porch time before it becomes too cold…

…because it’s officially FALL!!!  And that means lots of seasonal changes.  For one, it was time to plant some bulbs:

Below these rocks is dirt. And in that dirt are tulip and garlic bulbs, awaiting the spring.

So maybe it’s weird to intersperse garlic and tulips, but hey: I had both to plant and I really like the idea of letting the two grow next to one another 🙂  Why not let your food grow next to something beautiful?

Speaking of food, we’ve decided to try to harvest the walnuts from the walnut tree on Lot 26.  This tree drops walnuts onto our roof for months and, boy is it ever loud!  Sometimes, I think that tree knows where we are in the trailer and drops nuts accordingly.  I’ve had them hit the roof right over my head while I was walking down the hallway or taking  shower!  One morning, two fell in quick succession while I was still in bed, and I woke up with a start because it sounded like someone banging on the door!

Walnuts I've gathered...I'm waiting to harvest!

See? They haven't all come down yet...

I will definitely be posting about the harvesting process when I get to it!  But, I’ve been harvesting a few last minute items from our garden down the road:

A late season harvest

My mom gave me that basket for my birthday last Friday.  I plan on using it to harvest some of these next year:

A late season Dandelion....will be eating these next year!

I’ve been reading about how amazingly healthy dandelion greens are…but you can also eat the flower heads and bake the petals into bread!  You can make all sorts of yummy things with this common “weed.”

Ok, last but not least, let’s look at the other plants around Lot 26.

A late season flower with a lovely little bee!

And our amazing “burning bush”:

One lone leaf got it started...

Now it looks like this! Beautiful, right?

OK, folks.  That’s about it for today.  BUT, please do check back soon because there are lots of other exciting things I want to write about.

Until next time, may all your homes be happy, and may the change into fall be just as lovely where you are as it is here at Lot 26!

About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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