A Very Stigma Birthday: Part 1

This year, due to the fact that I couldn’t get everyone together on one night to celebrate my birthday, I had 2 parties.  🙂  This post is about the first one!

I decided to save the fancy dinner party for later in the month when a group of my closet girlfriends could come over to lovely Lot 26 and dine.  On my actual birthday (which, lucky me, was a Friday), I only wanted pizza. And beer.  Yes.

So, I made my favorite pizza dough (the secret ingredient is pumpkin!), and got to work.  We had a lovely pesto pizza with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese, and a beautiful tomato and cashew-cheezy-sauce pizza with spicy tomato sauce.  Everything was amazing.  So amazing that our new friend, who’s a resident at the local hospital and pretty much lives on hospital cafeteria food, couldn’t stop talking about it.  I think he might want to move in.

Later my amazing dancer friend from NYC came over and she drooled over the pizza too.  Oh, and then she ate it.  While she was eating, I let my inner four-year-old come out and made everyone watch me hula hoop on the porch for a while.  We discovered that hula hooping counter-clockwise is more difficult than clockwise.  And the new turn of phrase to use when expressing shock at the difficulty of an endeavor,  “Why, that’s harder than hooping counter-clockwise!”, was born.

After that amazing discovery, we went out for beer.  And jenga.  A local pub that brews its own beer also has fun table games on hand–and jenga seemed like the perfect game for people drinking.  I mean, it doesn’t require a steady hand or anything like that 🙂  I enjoyed a beer flight (four different kinds of beer in four little glasses), and won the game.  Or, I guess I didn’t really win–I just didn’t lose!

It was a really fun night, and one of the best parts about it was how “normal” it felt.  I gave directions to our new friend, and he didn’t seem bothered at all by the fact that he’d be joining us for dinner in a trailer.

In other news, my family is awesome and paid attention when I told them what I wanted for my birthday: stuff to help fix up the trailer and/or used or re-purposed items.  My mother promptly went to Goodwill and got me some of the best earrings of my life.  My oldest brother got us a $50 gift card to Menards, which we’ve already used to buy a new light fixture for the hallway!  (More on that in a later post).

I’m also joining a “Greening Your Curriculum” professional development course at the school where I teach.  So far in our meetings, we’ve discussed what got us interested in the environment and sustainability.  I haven’t yet mentioned that I live in a small home that requires little energy to heat and cool, but I did talk about my interest in purchasing used items and finding and making safer home and beauty products.  I look forward to those conversations and learning how to incorporate some of my passions into my classroom.

So, yes.  That’s how the first part of my birthday celebrations went.  Next time, I’ll tell you all about the amazing dinner party I just threw this past weekend, and my girlfriends’ reactions to our Lot 26 (none of them had ever been to see it before!)

Until then, may all your kitchens produce food worthy of celebration and may all your homes be happy!


About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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2 Responses to A Very Stigma Birthday: Part 1

  1. thanks for the pumpkin in the dough lead cathy! i made little pizzas for the harlequin creature launch part in ann arbor — i’ll be sure to try that dough recipe for the next one. 🙂 hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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