Trying to Keep Simplifying

Hello all!  Well, I fell completely out of the blogosphere for a while there, huh?  And have I planned a triumphant return?  Not exactly 🙂

Today, I just wanted to offer a bit of an explanation for my absence.  As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’ve been working on living simply.  Though living simply has pretty much been an obvious goal of mine since day one of moving in to Lot 26, it’s not something that you can just declare and then not think about it.  Like most things worthwhile in life, living simply is a conscious everyday effort.  And it continues to be one for me.

So, why was it that I was able to blog AND “live simply” up until last November, but then suddenly I disappeared?  Well, because life got craaaazy.   Beautiful, wonderful things were and are happening in my life and in the lives of our friends and loved ones, and I decided to dive into those and let go of other things–like this blog–for a while.

What was I diving into?  Spending time with some of my dearest friends and their brand new baby.  Finding joy in the simple act of watching the needle on the sewing machine go up and down, up and down.  Making small, but still significant, changes to Lot 26.  Going to yoga with CF every Sunday afternoon for relaxation and restoration.  Keeping up with the work load of a brand new semester.  Making and giving gifts.  Writing and submitting work.  Making exciting plans for our future.  Creating.

(In fact, my own personal mantra/affirmation for the past few weeks during yoga classes has been “Create”.)

So, yeah, I’ve been busy.  Good busy.  But now that I am slowly getting a handle on all this newness, I think it’s time to come back to a place of reflection and sharing.   I hope to slowly come back more often to this space and to share all the wonderful challenges and joys of our continued life here at Lot 26.  And I hope you’ll keep reading.

For now, I need to settle in at the table and take care of some of that new semester workload–grading grading prepping prepping.   But today, at least, the table looks serene and inviting:

So many little things in this room are new. Must tell you all about it next time... 🙂

I hope to write again soon.  Until next time, may all you all find joy in simplicity, creativity in your busy-ness, and warmth as you come to the table.

About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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