“I’m still here!” aka “Another post about my hair…”

So, remember how I said I was going to start writing more?  Oops.  Deep in my heart, I knew you readers wouldn’t mind too terribly.  Besides, there is some pretty BIG stuff going on here at Lot 26 lately, and while I can’t yet reveal exactly what it is, I can tell you that it’s been occupying our time.

Also, it’s the end of the semester.  Today was the last day of classes (Woo!), and I only have to survive finals week and then I’m home free (“School’s out for summer!”).

Well, anyway, until things calm down and I’m able to write about the big exciting stuff that is happening, I thought I’d give one more update about my hair care routine for anyone who wanted to know if I am still sticking to baking soda to do my ‘do.

The answer is “I do.” 🙂 But there’s more to it than that.  After a few months of seemingly lifeless locks (I think I’m the only one who really noticed), I decided to make a bit of a change to my no ‘poo recipe: I introduced distilled water.

Now many of you might be thinking, “duh,” but I honestly never thought about how the minerals in the tap water might weigh down my hair.  At least, I didn’t think about it until I went to visit my brother and his family in San Francisco in March, where they (must) have a water softener…because my hair was AWESOME there.  I still washed it with baking soda and conditioned with ACV, but the difference in how my hair felt was night and day.

When I got home, I began scheming for how to achieve the same thing here.  After a little more research on no ‘poo, I decided on the following recipe and routine:

1) For the “shampoo” I put 2 Tbsp. baking soda and 5 drops of tea tree oil into an empty 16 oz bottle (I re-used a Dr. Bronner’s bottle).  Then I fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water.

2) For conditioner: 2 Tbsp of ACV put into another 16 oz bottle; again, fill the rest of the way with distilled water.

3) In the shower, I wet my hair (and I’ve got LONG hair, so yes, it works on long hair), shake lots of the “shampoo” onto my scalp (scalp only…not on the ends of my hair), and rub it in.  I work it into my scalp for about 30 seconds, then rinse it out with warm water.   Then for the conditioner, I usually unscrew the lid and pour it through the ends of my hair.  I rinse almost immediately with cooler water.

I do not smell like a dinner salad after :).  If my hair smells like anything, it’s the hint of tea tree oil in the ‘poo.  And this really works to clean my hair and keep dandruff under control.  This July, I will have been cleaning my hair this way for a full year.  I think it’s safe to say, I’m a convert.

At this point, I bet you’re probably thinking I must be pretty vain (at least about my hair), or you’re at least asking why I am STILL writing about this.  And maybe the answer is that I am actually vain–or maybe I just think about it a lot because shampoo was really the last commercial beauty product I was buying, and the one I spent the most money on. And though I’ve probably beaten the proverbial dead horse on this whole hair topic, I do have one more tip to add to hair care ideas: DIY hairspray.

I have long straight hair.  Straight straight. Whenever I’ve been in someone’s wedding, or whenever I went to prom in high school, it would always take two hair dressers armed with cans of hairspray to get my straight straight hair to curl at all.  But hairspray is gross.  And I wanted to experiment with other ways to get my hair to curl in case I ever have reason to get all gussied up again in the future (hmm…is that a hint at the BIG stuff we’re cooking up around here?  Only time will tell…)

So, being the teacher-type, I did some research.  I learned that a mixture of 1:1 water and flat beer can make a great hairspray!  So I tried it.  I sprayed it onto my hair one night and rolled my hair up into sections with rags.  After I slept in my rag “curlers” all night, I woke up to curly hair that actually stayed curly through a whole day at work!  Now, the curls did fall a bit, but for someone who needed two cans of hairspray in the past, this was  pretty darned good.  AND, I’ve just read that adding some shea butter to the mix can help as well…so I’ll be trying that in the future!


Ok, that’s enough about hair…at least, that’s enough about my hair for one night…or maybe even for one blog! 🙂   I hope to write again soon, but I won’t make any promises. Remember, the posts may be infrequent, but it’s only because exciting life/stuff is getting in the way, and there’s no better reason than that.

Until next time, may all your diy beauty product adventures be productive, and may all your homes be happy!

About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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1 Response to “I’m still here!” aka “Another post about my hair…”

  1. olenwc says:

    I’ve been wondering about alternatives to store bought hair products. Neglecting to wash my hair at all has proven to be a bad idea, so I’ll try your recipe =]

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