The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling

Well…maybe it’s more like “the pipes are silent.”   See, the pipes are FROZEN.

(Oh, hello, by the way.  I know it’s been a while but here we are again.  Isn’t it nice?)

Here in the Midwest, the temps dropped to WAY below freezing last night, and we woke up to some very unresponsive pipes.  At least Mr. Furnace is still working just fine.

It’s strange because we’ve survived very cold temperatures here at Lot 26 before with no water issues, so I’m wondering if some heating mechanism below the trailer has stopped working…or has gotten knocked around one too many times by one of the twice weekly cat fights that occur below us.  That’s actually a real possibility–sometimes as I’m getting ready in the morning a fight will break out right below my feet and scare me half to death.

(If you’re wondering why cats hang out underneath the trailer, or why we let them:  it’s warm down there between the ground and the trailer, and we don’t “let them”–they are trailer park cats,  They do whatever they darn well please.)

(Also, I don’t think it’s just cats.  Our neighbor once told us that he saw a HUGE raccoon–he claimed it was the size of a dog–crawl out from underneath there once.  So I bet there is some inter-species fighting going on).

ANYWAY, what did we do?  Well, I’m sure we would have been more proactive about the issue if we hadn’t also woken up to a phone call from my brother needing a jump because his car battery died in the cold overnight.  Or if I hadn’t just washed my hair yesterday, and thus didn’t need to clean it before work.  Or if we hadn’t had a full Brita pitcher.  Or if it wasn’t a work day, and I didn’t have a reason to be on campus all day where there was running water.  Or if we didn’t live down the road from CF’s mom where he could spend the day and use the bathroom. Or if the pipes had actually burst (they didn’t).

SO, we’ve done…..nothing.  There isn’t much to do except check out the heating elements down there (perhaps CF’s job tomorrow?) and wait for the temps to rise (should be a bit warmer tomorrow).

In the meantime, I came home tonight needing to do things like wash the dishes that we should have taken the time to wash last night (ok, Universe, got the message!  Definitely go ahead and “do today” even if it seems like it can “wait till tomorrow”). Oh, and there is also that pesky dinner thing that most people like to eat at night.

So I headed out to the Dollar General to buy 6 gallons of water with change from our change jar (I mean, we are on a budget and we don’t usually buy drinking water when it flows easily from the tap). I placed one jug in the bathroom for hand washing and teeth brushing.  Emptied half of another into the electric tea kettle to boil it for washing dishes.  Poured the other half directly into the dish tub (to avoid burning my hands later when I added the boiling water). And then used some of another jug to start the sushi rice on the stove.

And while at first I was feeling very “Little House on the Prairie” boiling the water to clean up, after a bit it was pretty much business as usual.  I made 6 veggie sushi rolls and dirtied up some more dishes which I am now wondering if I should go ahead and wash with another jug of water, or if I should save the water for drinking.  Hmm…..decision decisions.

It’s amazing how quickly you can adapt to new circumstances if you are willing to face them calmly–not letting yourself get worked up, even though that might be your initial reaction. Yes, not having running water is pretty much a major pain, but it’s not unbearable.  I still managed to have a fairly normal evening–my belly is full and the kitchen is halfway clean.  Not too shabby.

This helps me feel better about our future plans to build or remodel on CF’s mom’s property (possibly more news in that area soon).  Knowing that we are already learning to deal with unpredictable annoyances makes me think we’ll be able to handle the inevitable unpredictability that seems to go hand in hand with renovations and remodels 🙂   (A lesson I guess it’s taken me a while to learn, as I’m remembering my irrational FURY at the slowness of our bathroom remodel a couple years ago…)

Anyway, here’s hoping we are up and running again soon.  And if not, here’s hoping we continue to face the annoyance with calm. G’night.

About Cathy G Gilbert

I am veggie-loving, community college professor who lives, teaches, and writes in Central IL.
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