“I’m still here!” aka “Another post about my hair…”

So, remember how I said I was going to start writing more?  Oops.  Deep in my heart, I knew you readers wouldn’t mind too terribly.  Besides, there is some pretty BIG stuff going on here at Lot 26 lately, and while I can’t yet reveal exactly what it is, I can tell you that it’s been occupying our time.

Also, it’s the end of the semester.  Today was the last day of classes (Woo!), and I only have to survive finals week and then I’m home free (“School’s out for summer!”).

Well, anyway, until things calm down and I’m able to write about the big exciting stuff that is happening, I thought I’d give one more update about my hair care routine for anyone who wanted to know if I am still sticking to baking soda to do my ‘do. Continue reading

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Small Change = Big Difference

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, there have been many small changes to our kitchen.  These changes, while unnoticeable to the untrained eye, have made a difference in the way we live and experience our time here at Lot 26.  And they also help us save some cash and time–and they’ve made another small dent in the harm we do to Mother Earth.  (Good thing moms tend to be forgiving, right?)

I thought it would be easiest to break this down, change by change, item by item–well, and I like showing off our cool “new” stuff 🙂 Continue reading

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Trying to Keep Simplifying

Hello all!  Well, I fell completely out of the blogosphere for a while there, huh?  And have I planned a triumphant return?  Not exactly 🙂

Today, I just wanted to offer a bit of an explanation for my absence.  As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’ve been working on living simply.  Though living simply has pretty much been an obvious goal of mine since day one of moving in to Lot 26, it’s not something that you can just declare and then not think about it.  Like most things worthwhile in life, living simply is a conscious everyday effort.  And it continues to be one for me. Continue reading

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NaHCO3 is my favorite chemical compound

So, I love baking soda.  For real.  I use it to clean my hair, keep my armpits un-stinky, scrub my sinks, clean my counters, remove stains in clothes or other fabrics, and I even tried to make my own toothpaste with it!  (Also, I should  be able to unclog drains with it, but our last clog was so bad we eventually had to fall back on the nasty chemical stuff…)  So, do you want to hear more about baking soda?  No?  Too bad!  This post is all things baking soda. Continue reading

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A Very Stigma Birthday: Part 2

Well, as promised, this post provides the other half of my trailer park birthday celebrations.  Unfortunately, I was so busy cleaning up, preparing the guest room, and making an incredible 4 course meal, I completely failed to take any pictures!  Let’s face it: throwing yourself a birthday party and enjoying it at the same time is harder than hula-hooping counter-clockwise!

But I can write about the evening, and then show you some pictures of a meal I made a week later that was surprisingly similar to my birthday dinner (minus the pie….unfortunately!)  So, here goes! Continue reading

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A Very Stigma Birthday: Part 1

This year, due to the fact that I couldn’t get everyone together on one night to celebrate my birthday, I had 2 parties.  🙂  This post is about the first one!

I decided to save the fancy dinner party for later in the month when a group of my closet girlfriends could come over to lovely Lot 26 and dine.  On my actual birthday (which, lucky me, was a Friday), I only wanted pizza. And beer.  Yes. Continue reading

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Ch ch ch changes!

Wow.  Ok, so I’m really bad about updating you all this semester.  That’s obvious.  In my defense, there have been a lot of changes around here and busy-ness at work, and otherwise crazy-ness of our lives that sort of gets in the way of blogging.  But, excuses, excuses, right?

So, while I have some great posts I’m cooking up for you (my favorite chemical compound, a two part birthday extravaganza), I thought I’d start off by sharing what life looks like around here lately!   There are a quite a few new things around here: new door, a re-arranged living room corner, new bathroom feature, improved front porch, a couple new things to harvest, and some lovely changing foliage.   Let’s see that in photos! Continue reading

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