NaHCO3 is my favorite chemical compound

So, I love baking soda.  For real.  I use it to clean my hair, keep my armpits un-stinky, scrub my sinks, clean my counters, remove stains in clothes or other fabrics, and I even tried to make my own toothpaste with it!  (Also, I should  be able to unclog drains with it, but our last clog was so bad we eventually had to fall back on the nasty chemical stuff…)  So, do you want to hear more about baking soda?  No?  Too bad!  This post is all things baking soda. Continue reading

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A Very Stigma Birthday: Part 2

Well, as promised, this post provides the other half of my trailer park birthday celebrations.  Unfortunately, I was so busy cleaning up, preparing the guest room, and making an incredible 4 course meal, I completely failed to take any pictures!  Let’s face it: throwing yourself a birthday party and enjoying it at the same time is harder than hula-hooping counter-clockwise!

But I can write about the evening, and then show you some pictures of a meal I made a week later that was surprisingly similar to my birthday dinner (minus the pie….unfortunately!)  So, here goes! Continue reading

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A Very Stigma Birthday: Part 1

This year, due to the fact that I couldn’t get everyone together on one night to celebrate my birthday, I had 2 parties.  🙂  This post is about the first one!

I decided to save the fancy dinner party for later in the month when a group of my closet girlfriends could come over to lovely Lot 26 and dine.  On my actual birthday (which, lucky me, was a Friday), I only wanted pizza. And beer.  Yes. Continue reading

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Ch ch ch changes!

Wow.  Ok, so I’m really bad about updating you all this semester.  That’s obvious.  In my defense, there have been a lot of changes around here and busy-ness at work, and otherwise crazy-ness of our lives that sort of gets in the way of blogging.  But, excuses, excuses, right?

So, while I have some great posts I’m cooking up for you (my favorite chemical compound, a two part birthday extravaganza), I thought I’d start off by sharing what life looks like around here lately!   There are a quite a few new things around here: new door, a re-arranged living room corner, new bathroom feature, improved front porch, a couple new things to harvest, and some lovely changing foliage.   Let’s see that in photos! Continue reading

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A Year with the Stigma

Well folks, it’s Saturday afternoon, and I’ve completed my summertime Saturday morning errands: bank, farmer’s market, natural food store, regular grocery store, pharmacy, and Starbucks (to bring home to a just-getting-out-of-bed CF).  Some laundry has been washed with our homemade detergent and dutifully taken down (by CF) to CF’s mom’s house for drying.  All non-perishable food items purchased this morning are still sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be put away.  Homemade deodorant has been made and tested (it works! More on that later….).  And suddenly I remembered that I hadn’t posted in F O R E V E R.

Now, should I clean up the kitchen and throw in a new load of laundry?  No. My public needs me.  Ha!

Dear readers, this serious delay in posts is due to the fact that the school year has begun–so I’ve been busy back at work and mourning the loss of my lovely summer break.

But this transition time of year marks off two new things: A new school year AND a new year in our dear Lot 26.

Though we didn’t move in until late September last year, our decision to move into the trailer park began on the first day of classes a year ago.  So I consider the beginning of the school year the right time to celebrate our “Tralier Park-iversary.” And in honor of our Trailer Parkiversary (yes I’m going to keep using that term I just invented), I thought we’d take a look at the goings-on of the past year!

Continue reading

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Saving Money: “DIY” shampoo and conditioner

Alright.  It’s been quite sometime since I first started talking about making my own shampoo and conditioner.  Definitely before our trip to Europe, as I was in super-saving mode back then.  But, if I’m being honest, the DIY hair care has been a bigger journey than I had expected and intended!  So, let’s chronicle the journey here, and finally reveal the secret of how I am now cleaning my hair!

My DIY shampoo adventure began with wanting to save money, but I was also interested in being eco-friendly.  All those chemicals in regular shampoo aren’t good for your body, but they are also not good for the environment as all that luscious lather goes down the drain and into the water system.  I had been buying natural and organic shampoo for a while, but those pricey indulgences add up!  So I found this instructable which taught that all I really needed was plain castile soap, distilled water, and some essential oils.  Awesome!   Continue reading

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Saving Money: “Buying” “Used”

As promised (for once) I am going to tackle the topic of acquiring used/trashed items.  I put both the words in today’s title in quotes because sometimes “buy” means given/found/bartered.  And sometimes “used” means “trashed.”

Now, I don’t go as far as freegans (and by that I mean that I don’t live solely by finding used items), but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with picking up something that someone else has thrown away.  For example, the first sink that CF and were going to install (before we found a cheaper renovation option) was one that someone else put out for the garbage trucks to pick up.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with that sink top.  Someone just didn’t want it anymore. Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been and What I’ve Seen

Wow!  I didn’t mean to be gone so long!  Funny how life gets in the way of blogging 🙂

Last I wrote, I promised a discussion on getting/purchasing used/pre-owned/trashed items…but c’mon, folks.  You know me better than that.  How many times have I said “next time, I’ll be sure to fill you in on_______” and then completely disregarded it?  You didn’t actually think I’d follow through this time, did you?  Because I’m not 🙂 Continue reading

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Meet our Newest Friend: New Sink!

Hi all!

Well, my weekend goal happened successfully!  And with very little effort on my part 🙂  CF installed our New Sink!  All I had to do was find it, buy it ($30, folks, at Menards!), and change out some buckets that were catching leaking water while CF worked to install it.  Oh, and I also had to live with this bad boy for the past 8 months: Continue reading

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Settling in for the Summer

Hello!  I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but my excuse is pretty good:  I was visiting several friends 🙂  Who can deny me that?

After CF and I returned from our big trip, we came home to lots of projects that we’d put on hold.  And I decide to avoid them just a bit longer by visiting lots of friends!  First I traveled to see some grad school friends, then I came closer to home to hang with my old college roommates, then a quick visit with a friend from work, then I headed further south to see another former roommate who was having an open house for her new home and now… Continue reading

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